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30 July 2013

Effective skin protection whatever you do!

Your skin is miraculous. It protects your body, senses your pleasure, pain and reveals so much about your health.

Its so special its easy to take for granted. In fact every day your skin acts as your body’s first line of defence, coping with harmful agents such as dirty, harsh soaps, chemicals and bacteria.

The threats to your kind in everything you touch, and much of what you do. That’s partly why people with skin problems make up about one tenth of all patients doctors see.

That’s why you need DermaGuard

Fragrance free and easily absorbed, DermaGuard creates an invisible, non-greasy barrier that prevents irritants from penetrating the hands, face and body for up to 6 hours at a time. All the while your skin continues to ‘breathe’ and ‘sense’ normall as dermaGuard protects and moisturises.

Scientifically and clinically tested, DermaGuard’s hypoallergenic formula also provides real protection for all the family and it is safe for use on children, infants and is an excellent preventative against nappy rash and childhood eczema.

Dermaguard acts as a barrier against the harsh chemicals found in gardening, DIY and building products, a single application helps prevent the discomfort caused by frequent washing or long exposure to water.

DermaGuard is completely safe for use when preparing food – and can even help prevent unpleasant odours such as fish, onion and garlic from clinging to your skin.

Just a drop will help protect your hands from ageing – moisturising and keeping your skin soft and supple.

We know you’ll be impressed!

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