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Simdean Representation of EST Israel

30 July 2013

Simdean Envirotec Ltd have recently reached agreement with EST Ltd of Israel to represent them in the UK and Eire for the marketing and installation of their Plasma based Chemical Waste Elimination systems.

These systems which comprise a plasma generator, cooling system and scrubbing system are capable of the complete destruction of chemical wastes such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, sulphonated hydrocarbons and other toxic and carcinogenic compounds  to their constituent atoms  within  the plasma process.   

Output products from the plasma field include water, CO2 and halogen acids (in the case of halogenated hydrocarbons). These products are fed into a scrubbing section where they are cooled and absorption of halogen acids and other contaminants such as SO2 can be achieved.

Exhaust gases to atmosphere from the system are non hazardous and meet all environmental regulations.

More details of  the system can be found on the EST website at

Whilst the destruction of chemical wastes may not be your main area of interest, it may be of more interest to some of your colleagues, we would be grateful if you would  forward our email to them.

We trust the above is of interest, should you have any projects that you feel the plasma system may be of use,  please contact myself either via my email or at the mobile number shown below.

Looking forward to hearing from you 
Nick Carter

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