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30 July 2013

The easy, affordable way to better asset management

When Avalon Leisure were looking around for a new asset management system for their five centres in Somerset, it was the price of WAM that attracted them. Now, they say, they can’t put a figure on the savings it’s brought the organisation (in time, efficiency and more) and say it has paid for itself'

WAM was introduced onto the market in 2005 by Halo Leisure Enterprises and was taken up by organisations across the country who, like Avalon Leisure, have seen huge efficiencies for their business or organ¬isation. Now an updated version is being relaunched as one of the easiest and most efficient asset management systems and the best value for money on the market.

Halo knows that your asset list may cover thousands of individual items – everything from plant and equipment to fixtures and fittings – and is likely to represent a large business capital investment. As organisations are being required to produce evidence that main¬tenance targets are being achieved and the value of assets maximised, Halo is seeing them finally let go of paper-based procedures in favour of a system that combines Asset Inventory, Defect Reporting and Planned Preventative Maintenance Tools. WAM has been designed to meet these needs, with its tools interacting and supporting a streamlined management program.

“This programme was created for our own leisure group in Herefordshire and worked so well we decided to take it to others,” says Kris Price, who leads Halo Leisure Enterprises.
“One of the many advantages is it is so easy to use. Staff simply access prioritised work schedules and then hit a button, type in update (fault reported, part ordered, work done etc), hit a button and the system updates.

Managers and supervisors can see at a glance faults reported, the progress of repairs, deprecia¬tion values of their assets, contractor servicing and planned preventative maintenance tasks being undertaken.

“WAM is web-based so there is no new software to download, no user manual and it requires minimum knowledge of computers,” he says.

“With the new version you are also able to distinguish between your statu¬tory and desirable commitments.”

What makes WAM so affordable?

WAM is not charged per user but is accessible for all staff on site for a one-off set up cost per organisation inclusive of training and helpline sup¬port. There is no minimum contract term and the cost is comparable with an average monthly gym membership.

“We had five sites and they were increasingly difficult to manage because of the level of staff and maintenance. We were completely paper-based,” explains Malcolm Baker, Avalon Leisure’s tech¬nical manager. “There were, inevitably, challenges with this. Staff would go to one site to do a repair to find parts had not arrived. Or they’d find another fault had been reported but they were without the equipment they needed to sort it out. Now we can all look at our WAM page anytime, our worksheets are organised for us and everyone is bang up to date.

The cost of some asset management programmes was prohibitive, but this wasn’t, it works, and it’s easily paid for itself by improving efficiency.” 

To find out more go to the new WAM website at

WAM is web-based so there is no new software to download, no user manual and it requires minimum knowledge of computers

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