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09 August 2013

Acquarella natural, water based, chemicals and odor free nail polish - fantastic looking nails and great business opportunity.

Acquarella offers a high quality, chemicals free nail polish based on natural ingredients. The special water-based formula hydrates your nails and allows them to breathe, prevents from chipping, peeling and yellowing, creates strong and beautiful looking nails.

Acquarella Polish is a complete product, so you not need base coat, top coat or nail hardener. This natural product offers superb coverage, applies smoothly and dries quickly. Key Features: Acquarella nail polishes is water based, non toxic and odour free.

Acquarella comes in a wide variety of playful shades that fit any occasion. Fast drying - usually dries ''to touch'' in 3 min, ''to use'' in 20 min Superb coverage Chemical solvents free No Base Coat or Top Coat needed The shine and colour will last as long as the polish.

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