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Transformer testing with speed and accuracy

19 August 2008

Megger, the provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications has exciting new tester.

Their unique testing algorithms and integral storage facilities for test results make Megger three-phase transformer turns ratio testers in the new TTR300 range many times faster to use than conventional turns ratio testers, especially when they are used to test difficult three-phase transformers such as those with multiple tap changers and bushing CTs.

TTR300 testers have the ability to measure turns ratios up to 45,000:1 with an accuracy of 0.1%, thereby providing dependable condition information for power, distribution and substation transformers of all types. In addition to turns ratio, the units also accurately measure excitation current and phase deviation between the high and low voltage windings.

TTR300 series testers are designed to take full advantage of Megger’s powerful and versatile PowerDB acceptance and maintenance test data management software, with the TTR330 incorporating the PowerDB ONBOARD package as an integral feature. The other models in the range are supplied with a copy of PowerDB Lite at no extra cost. The full version of PowerDB is available as an option.

Except for the TTR300 base model, which supports remote controlled operation only, all models offer fully automatic testing in both standalone and remote controlled modes, and all have facilities for storing test results internally in an open XML format data format that is compatible with a wide range of software packages. According to the model, the data can be downloaded via RS232, USB or Ethernet ports.

The test sets in the range are designed to provide reliable operation even in locations such as substation switchyards, where high levels of electrical interference are present. They are supplied in a robust carrying case, and have a wide operating temperature range, making them well suited for on-site use in harsh conditions. Their speed of operation and convenience, however, mean that the instruments are also an excellent choice for in-plant use by transformer manufacturers.

Four models are currently available in Megger’s TTR300 transformer turns ratio test set family. The TTR300 is designed to be completely remote controlled by a PC running PowerDB Lite or the optional full version of PowerDB.

The TTR310 has an LCD display that, in conjunction with the built-in keypad, provides a convenient interface for instrument set up and testing. An optional thermal printer can also be incorporated within the instrument, allowing test results to be printed on site without the need for an external printer.

For users who prefer a graphical interface, the TTR320 offers a 5.7-inch full colour VGA display, together with a QWERTY keyboard for entry of nameplate and similar alphanumeric data.

At the top of the range is the innovative TTR330 with a completely new user interface, an 8.4-inch VGA colour screen, a QWERTY keyboard and a navigation keypad that make it easy for users to access the full benefits of the on-board PowerDB software. The TTR330 also displays test forms on the screen, and the forms may be customised using the optional full version of PowerDB.

All models, except the TTR330, can be upgraded on site to a higher model in the range, conveniently, quickly and without affecting the calibration of the instrument.

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