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03 September 2013

Calling anyone who did some noise or vibration training a while ago and feels the need for a bit of a refresher!

After all, everyone forgets at least half of what they learned a year ago, especially if you're not using it every day. What's more, noise and vibration, as you probably remember are not the most simplistic of subjects so keeping your skills and knowledge brushed up are essential if your risk assessments are relying on it. Click on the link below to get your place booked - we don't take many people so you need to get on it now.

There's another huge benefit to refresher training in getting all the latest updates. We constantly follow the industry and make sure we know exactly what the latest guidance is from the HSE and what is going on in the world of industrial claims, so you get all the latest there is to know as well as catching up on some forgotten learning.

We're running 2 consecutive days for this training on 11th and 12th September with the Noise refresher on the 11th and the Vibration on the 12th. Each course will be quite intensive with a run-through of all the basics including the theory, the regulations, control measures and a practical workshop to check up on those bad habits!

We don't run these very often, so make sure you get booked on.

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