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A Simple Solution for Plain Playgrounds

23 September 2013

Sovereign Play Equipment applies playground markings to two primary schools to create more inspiring and attractive outdoor areas.

An excellent way of enhancing a plain tarmac playground is to add exciting and colourful graphics. Leading playground provider, Sovereign Play Equipment, offers a range of Thermoplastic Playground Markings that are long-lasting, self-cleaning, extra reflective, free of lead and chromates, non-slip and available in over 100 different designs and colours.

Two schools to have recently benefitted from the addition of Sovereign’s playground markings are Wickersley Northfield Primary School in Rotherham and Sproatley Church of England Primary School in East Riding of Yorkshire.

The first of the two schools, Wickersley Northfield Primary, wanted to incorporate something into their existing play area that would help improve children’s numeracy skills and introduce additional educational fun. Sproatley Primary, on the other hand, needed roadway markings for its early years playground to add additional interest and help with educating children about road safety and awareness.

Following consultation with both staff and children, Sovereign applied the markings at both schools despite horrendous rain, in record time – Sproatley’s markings were completed in just one day. The playground at Wickersley Northfield Primary now features a dart board, 100 number squares, a snakes and ladders game and various other number lines and ladders.

Since the markings were applied, the school has reported improved behaviour during break times as the children now have more to occupy them. The markings are also very popular with the staff who are using them as an additional teaching aid for numeracy and maths. Sproatley Church of England Primary School has also reported benefits; Jayne Drennan, School Business Manager at the school, said: “The playground markings are great and a big hit with the children.” Jayne went on to thank Sovereign for the work it carried out: “Thanks to you and the team for pulling out all the stops so we could have our markings in place in time for the opening ceremony.” The opening ceremony was held on 1st June and was attended by Councillor Chadwick from the East Riding of Yorkshire County Council.

The markings are a quick and cost effective way to add interest to an otherwise uninspiring surface, as Darran Hine, Sales Director at Sovereign, explained: “We work with a wide range of schools, as well as commercial, leisure and private residential clients, and have many options available to suit all budgets.

Playground markings can be applied on their own or can be incorporated into a more complex design. Either way, they are always a popular choice, as they look great, require no maintenance and inspire a great deal of imaginative play.”

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