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Elesa components for Vibration Damping

16 September 2013

Elesa UK Ltd have included a complete range of damper and cushioning components with steel and stainless steel base mounting as part of their extensive portfolio of standard machine parts.

Vibration cushioning and damping components are often hidden out of sight. Essentially operating in compression or shear, double ended cylindrical units are often required to carry heavy equipment loads, while on the other hand, single mounting buffers in pad or conical format are ideal for absorbing impact during equipment operation such as door closure or similar.

The DVA range from Elesa is formed in natural rubber based on zinc/steel and AISI 304 stainless mounts with male or female attachments. The DVA range has been designed to absorb vibration, shock and noise produced by moving bodies or vibrating masses which can cause equipment lifespan reduction, malfunction and even operator health problems.

Elesa's DVA range is available in black natural rubber to standard hardness 55 Shore A, as well as 40 Shore A or 70 Shore A to custom specifications.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found on the Elesa website, where you can follow them on Twitter and view their You Tube channel.

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