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Polymer Manfacturer Choose Mettler Toledo

22 August 2008

Press Release: Leading Plastics Manufacturer Chooses Mettler Toledo Weighing And Counting Technology

igus® UK Limited, a leading manufacturer of polymer products, has selected a Mettler Toledo BBK462 counting scale for its 2,800 sq/foot plastics facility in Northamptonshire. The plant holds approximately 4,000 individual components and, due to the bespoke nature of the products, the counting process is very labour intensive. The shop floor is divided by racks of components, which each department can customise according to customer requirements.

The customer required a weighing and counting system which would allow them to store and edit all their components on a single, networked database, and to print complex labels featuring product images. The solution from Mettler Toledo was a BBK462 counting scale with an Ethernet interface, an LP2844 printer, mini keyboard and barcode scanner.

The most versatile and flexible of Mettler Toledo’s 4 Series intelligent weighing systems, the BBK462 can accurately weigh the entire range of component sizes and weights at igus®’s facility, ranging in size from tiny parts weighing only 10 mg to parts weighing over 150 g. The system’s database records and stores information on all the components, each of which can be individually defined and entered or called up via a barcode or the keyboard.

As many of the products are packaged in bags or boxes, the ability to include product pictures on the labels was essential for igus®. The BBK462 has five label templates, all with the capacity to include product images. This not only reduces errors by allowing operators to check that the picture matches the part number, it also helps customers to easily identify parts visually when they are received.

Each BBK462 unit has user-definable function keys and operating sequences that allow the user to set the units of measurement. “Good parts” can be calculated easily using the upstream check function, and a host function allows the operator to maintain an overview by accessing just one central database. All units have an easily readable high resolution, backlit active dot-matrix display and 25 function keys.

Applications for the BBK462 are wide ranging and include the management of incoming/outgoing goods, quality control, post and logistics in any assembly or manufacturing facility where the most accurate weighing and inventory control system is essential.

 “The BBK462 scale is the ideal solution for our business,” commented Rob Dumayne, igus®’s Technical Sales Manager. “It is very easy to use and ensures our storage and weighing process works smoothly, despite the fact that we are dealing with thousands of individual components. The ability to include product pictures on the labels is also a real advantage.”

Mettler Toledo's 4 Series has a rugged die-cast aluminium housing and adheres to the most exacting EMC standards, ensuring long service life and fail safety during day-to-day operation. Depending on the model, the systems handle weights from milligrams to tons. Numerous connection options (including serial, network, USB, digital I/O) support the setting up of weighing systems, analogue weighing platforms and even the integration of scales into networks.

Mettler Toledo's Industrial Weighing Division is active in the plastics, food, pharmaceutical, chemistry, transport, logistics and offshore industries. It provides bespoke application solutions, software and service in areas such as raw materials, production, packaging and transport, mainly by direct channels but also via OEM/system integrator/SY partners and distributors.

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