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ENiGMA - Chemical Free Struvite Deposit Control

28 November 2013

Environmental Treatment Concepts have been pioneering electronic water descaling since 1989 and have successfully used its patented ENiGMA technology to treat a variety of deposit problems including limescale, ochre, struvite and vivienite.

Our detailed knowledge of industrial and commercial processes has been acquired from our experience of working closely with a cross section of industry, public services and water companies.   In addition to the UK, ETC exports worldwide to places as far afield as Hong Kong, Iberia and South Africa.

Waste water presents a unique series of challenges when it comes to the problems of mineral deposits. This is because scale problems in waste water can occur in both soft and hard water areas of the country and commonly the scale does not only consist of calcium carbonate but is often comprised of other products such as the phosphates of iron and magnesium.

Recently, Environmental Treatment Concepts have been approached by a number of Utility Companies with a view to using electronics rather than chemical means to treat their struvite deposit problems. Unplanned maintenance to clean centrate lines can cost upwards of £1500 per day alongside significant process inconvenience.

With ENiGMA technology installed this cost can be significantly reduced or eliminated completely.

The ENiGMA installation is non-intrusive so requires no downtime for installation and can therefore be fitted retrospectively to areas of existing problems.

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