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Three Ear Defenders for the price of Two - February Only

18 February 2014

PPE is often a necessary cost in financial budgets, so spending less is always a good thing! We have a special Three for the price of Two offer on all Hellberg Ear Defenders at our Castle Shop.

To announce the new products in our PPE category we're running a Hellberg Ear Defenders promotion strictly limited to February. Have a look at the vast range in price and function, depending on your requirements we're confident within the range there's a model for you.

Starting with your basic, high quality Secure Ear Defenders which come in three different protection levels, favoured by users only wearing the equipment for a limited time each day. In contrast there are high end functional React Defenders, packed with features without compromising on practicality. Clever directional hearing provides the ability to communicate effectively, whilst cutting out the loudest most damaging noises.

An internal antenna receives FM/AM radio which is played inside the earmuff, removing the damaging influence of loud radio noise attempting to mask over your machinery. The internal speakers are also capable of playing music from a device plugged into the headphone jack socket, allowing personalised choice for each employee. Somehow I think that might make them happy...

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