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20 February 2014

Pain is an alert signal to tell the body there is a problem.

Turning it off or turning it down with painkillers to allow you to ignore a problem or just to get on with a job is counterproductive unless all that is needed is the tissue movement the work entails.

So if you get worse with activity don't increase the dosage, try to sort out the cause.
Osteopathic treatment tends to start when patients present with pain. They want the pain gone.
Frequently there is an increase in both pain and soreness the following few days after treatment, especially the first treatment.  That's usually because the start of the problem did not produce much pain and it only appears after later failures of adaptation of a beleaguered body.

First treatment then unwind the obvious problems and reveal underlying ones which they have been compensating for. This means that if you cannot treat everything at once the patient is left without compensation and things hurt.

The good news is that this makes for much faster resolution of the problem.  There are many facets of pain, many aspects and one person's pain is not that of another even if the circumstances and injury are the same because pain is a resultant...the prexisting state of the nervous system of the patient determines what sort of pain you will have and how it can best be overcome.

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