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Demonstrations of our core products, at no cost to you

15 May 2014

In the past few weeks I've introduced you to a range of our core products, I hope these introductions interested you and motivated you to learn a little bit more about the devices and how they're used.

If you followed a link and found out more about each of them then great!
If you didn't because you receive a number of emails each day and don't have the time in your busy schedule to keep yourself educated and up to date with the never ending new technologies and regulation requirements, then why not call on us to provide a personal demonstration at your site from one of our experts!

They will run through the instruments you would like to know more about; how they work, what is their best application, and whether it's the right piece of equipment for what you need it to do – all of the information you'd take a long time researching online, in a succinct, personal, informal demonstration.

We're currently offering these free demonstrations on our:

•    Vexo Vibration Meter,
•    SV104 Dosimeter,
•    Mirus GA117 Sound Level Meter,
•    and our new lone worker system, the Loner SMD.

So if Workplace or Environmental Noise, Vibration or Lone Working is on your upcoming agenda, you don't want to miss out on this limited opportunity to consult with an expert at no cost to yourself.

To ensure you don't waste your budget on unnecessary equipment and purchase exactly what you need, contact us now and enquire about booking your no obligation demonstration.

Phone: 01723 584250

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