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AVAYA Index Handset

16 May 2014

The AVAYA INDeX handset has often been described as “Rare as Hen’s Teeth” as they rarely come on the 2nd user market

When launched, about 20 years ago. It was very advanced for its time. Even today, it starts to bridge the gap between DIGTAL handsets and VoiP where it can use the desktop PC for First-Party CTI and link into a data base.

It can be connected to a PC via a V.24 connector and dial out from a data base using the desktop. It of course, has all of the functionality of the 2050 with dual BLF buttons. Originally it was priced at almost £400.00. This was not considered expensive to get First-Party CTI.

Amongst all of our other services and products, we have just taken delivery of a quantity of these sophisticated handsets and are offering them at an attractive price of £56.00 each + vat. For any order's of 10 or above we will discount this price by 20% whilst stocks last.

Please not that these handsets can only be used with an AVAYA INDeX telephone system. NOT for home use

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