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16 May 2014

According to the World Health Organisation and the Osteopathic International Alliance:

“Osteopathic healthcare is based on the principle that the structures and functions of the body are closely integrated and that a person’s well-being is dependent upon the neurological, musculoskeletal and visceral structures working in balance together.”
“Once considered complimentary or alternative, osteopathic medicine and osteopathy now make a global contribution to patient - centred, evidence - informed, integrated healthcare.”

It’s said that the way to build and sustain a good practice is to satisfy three simple tasks at work:

1/ get patients out of pain
2/ get them to spend little time in the clinic
3/ get them to enjoy the experience

Not one thing, no one event, nor one problem, has only one cause in the body.

When we say the body is complex it’s because we can’t measure everything and trace the interrelationships. We probably don’t need to to do our job but simple models of the processes that make up human life can seduce us into forgetting they are not real.
Sometimes this doesn’t seem to matter – we get results anyway and the patient seems happy - not every case has to be a hard one.
When it is a bit of complexity helps.

People are self adjusting, self healing, and any input from any therapy is there to help the body cope when it is failing under load. In simple terms we work to take the strain off your system so it can heal up.

Not all our work is with pain but it is the most common reason patients come to us, when they spend their time and money trying to deal with the cause of their problem rather than taking painkillers to try to ignore it. Thankfully medicine works for lots of people as if it didn’t there would have to be an osteopath on every street corner. 

It’s not the only way though, and an osteopathic viewpoint can be just the thing to turn health problems around.

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