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Choosing Beauty and Spa Furniture

19 May 2014

When considering purchasing salon furniture it is crucial to consider its function first rather than merely considering aesthetics. Ideally your choice would consider both criteria but so often a couch is purchased without considering its function at all.

It is vital to consider how the furniture will be used by your therapists. In an ideal world, you really need to try the furniture first, so that you can consider how the couch will work in your treatment rooms and for your treatments.

Try to find a a supplier who has a showroom, so that you have a calm environment where you can both view and try the couches. Consider your treatment portfolio. Your requirements for a rigorous massage will be different to those for a facial. During a massage, stability of the bed is crucial. It also needs to be adjustable so that the therapist can perform the treatment at the correct height for them.

Work related injuries from repetitive strain are not good for business. How does the couch feel when it is adjusted? The movement of the bed shouldn’t be nosiy or jerky, otherwise this may detract from the treatment itself. Comfort for your client is crucial and should be the number one priority during a treatment. If your client is uncomfortable, then they may choose to find a salon where their comfort is prioritised thus enhancing their treatment experience.

The purchase of a couch for your salon is an investment. Aim for a quality, comfortable couch and your investment and your bottom line will be rewarded. Think about the types of treatments that will be undertaken on the couch. Will it be suitable for the client and for the therapist to give the best possible treatment. If at all possible try the couch before you buy it. If you aren’t comfortable then your clients won’t be either.

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