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A New Fundraising Opportunity For Schools

29 May 2014

Label Planet launches a fundraising scheme for schools to help raise funds by generating commission on sales of all of Label Planet’s A4 label products.

An Easy Fundraising Scheme For Schools – Earn 5% Commission On Sales Of A4 Label Products

Label Planet has introduced a second fundraising opportunity for schools, to run alongside their existing Stikins® name labels commission scheme. The scheme is open to all schools and can be set up in three easy steps.

Each school that registers with Label Planet will be assigned a unique school number and will earn 5% commission on all orders of label products where their number is quoted. Orders can be made by the school directly, or by parents and local businesses and organisations who want to help raise funds for the schools. For existing members of the Stikins® commission scheme, they will be able to keep their existing school number and use it to earn commission on both A4 and name label products sold by Label Planet.

Schools begin earning commission once they have set up a link on their school or PTA website. The link will contain the school’s unique number and automatically generate commission for any order that is placed through that link. Individuals and groups who want to support their local school simply place an order by following the link from the school or PTA website to Label Planet’s website; the school’s number will be automatically added to their order and their contribution will be added to the school’s commission total. Customers can also place orders by phone; as long as the school number is quoted, any order will generate commission for the school.

The scheme will pay out to schools once a year in October, and schools can promote their participation in the scheme to local businesses and organisations to help boost the commission they earn.

To begin earning commission with Label Planet, schools should follow these three simple steps.
  • Visit the Label Planet website to register a school and receive a unique school number
  • Add a link to the school or PTA website that has the unique school number embedded in the link to instantly register orders as earning commission for the school
  • Register the link with Label Planet to confirm that the link is working properly and to begin earning commission
Label Planet Ltd is an online retailer specialising in blank A4 sheets of labels for use with laser and inkjet printers, and Stikins® name labels for school clothing and personal items. Label Planet’s A4 products include over 100 sizes of label across a range of 30 different materials, special adhesives, and colours. Customers can request samples, download templates, and request help and advice from the Label Planet website.

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