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Signs of ageing

30 May 2014

Have you noticed that as you get older your arms seem to get shorter, your feet get further away?

That stiff back in the morning need not be an inevitable future.

Osteopathic treatment is not just about getting people out of pain it's to do with helping your body work better.
We all tend to stiffen up with age.

One reason is we spend more and more of our time sitting or doing whatever it is we do repetitively.
Our bodies work best when we expose them to a variety of stimuli (the spice of life if you like).
Exercise helps, if you are capable of doing the right exercises that your body needs.

Most of the time we choose the exercises we enjoy rather than those we need and even those
are constrained by the limitations that stiffness imposes upon us.

Get to you osteopath and get a bespoke treatment that suits your needs and those age limitations may vanish altogether.

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