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Moana skincare range gain award recognition

12 June 2014

Natural Health Magazine recently announced its winners for their Beauty Awards 2014, with new kid on the block Moana receiving recognition both for their main skin care range and their range created uniquely for men, Tau. These came highly commended in the luxe range and men’s skincare range categories respectively.

It’s great news for the brand which has really only just arrived in the UK, distributed exclusively by The Natural Skincare Company since last December.  Yet despite its relative infancy to the UK market they are already making significant waves within an extremely competitive industry. The awards, which specifically recognise only natural products (thus avoiding nasty chemicals) within skin care, hair care and make-up ranges, were judged by an impressive panel of leading industry-heavyweights. These included President of the Complimentary Medical Association, Janey Goddard, natural hair care expert, Daniel Galvin Jnr and natural skin care dermatologist Claudia Louch. These experts were joined by the editorial team of Natural Health Magazine.

The reason behind their immediate success is really quite simple – the science behind the products stacks up and because of this the products work. The reason for this is that the bio-active ingredient in the creams, cleansers and serums can actually penetrate the first layer of the skin, where other useful active ingredients in other skin care ranges can’t. The reason for this is that the glycans extracted, which are taken from red seaweed which grows uniquely on New Zealand shores, so closely resemble our own glycans that the skin doesn’t reject them for being a foreign substance. And because of this these marine glycans can change the way our cells communicate with each other – notably to produce more collagen. It’s the loss of our own glycans that’s believed to be responsible for the loss of collagen, as it’s these proteins which send messages to produce more. As a result the skin is effectively able to work on reversing wrinkles by itself, through the production of collagen.

There are many reasons that contribute to declining collagen production and it is the loss of this important protein that causes slacker, thinner skin and ultimately, more wrinkles. It’s not just from the inside out that Moana skincare products work to improve the condition of skin however. The extract, alongside other botanical ingredients that comprise Moana’s only ingredients, are incredibly hydrating. This has been proven by recent skin care trials undertaken in New Zealand with government backing, that their moisturisers leave skin fully hydrated for 60 hours after the original application – that’s almost three whole days.

Moana skin care products are available through The Natural Skincare Company –  Order Line Tel: 01403 790913
And other selected skincare specialists.

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