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New Powered Stairway Climber carries any wheelchair & user safely

19 June 2014

New from SwallowEMP, the leaders in powered evacuation products, is the LG2030 universal stairway climber.

Fully powered, like all other products in the SwallowEMP range, the LG2030 is designed to hold all types of wheelchairs and to navigate straight, curved or spiral staircases.  The product’s powerful 500W motor allows a small attendant to safely transport a larger person up and down stairways with no risk of overturning due to the equipment’s innovative weight balancing system where front and rear support wheels are automatically activated for ascent and descent.

Ideal for public and residential buildings, the LG2030 can carry a person and wheelchair of up to 180kg, is simple to operate, robust and incorporates many safety features.  The wheelchair ramps are fully extendable and the three dimensional anchoring system ensures that all types of wheelchair can be carried with fast hooking and un-hooking.

The stairway climber also features a fully adjustable wrap around headrest.  The height adjustable handle bars incorporate ‘deadman’ operating buttons to automatically halt the climber in the event of a problem.  The LG2030 carries a full control panel featuring a mode dial to select step-by-step or sequential rise and fall of the climber; a potentiometer for speed adjustment; a balance selector for ascent and descent; battery charge level indicator and an emergency button.  It also incorporates a fold-away seat which, when required, can be used for carrying people not in wheelchairs.

The LG2030 has relatively compact dimensions of 114 x 72 x 160cm and weighs just 78kg.  The LG2030 powered stairway climber is priced at £4,000 plus VAT, carries a five-year warranty, and SwallowEMP provides full training in the use of the equipment.

SwallowEMP is the exclusive UK distributor of the LG2030 universal stairway climber which is made by the Italian company The Antano Group.

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