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Ultrascape Flowpoint revives ancient monument in Swansea

24 June 2014

Swansea Castle ruins from the 13th century still stand today, attracting tourists all year round. The outside castle areas were restored recently using Ultrascape Flowpoint.

Longstanding Ultrascape customer, Alun Griffiths secured the contract to complete the paving renovation around the castle ruins. Impressed with the high quality of Ultrascape materials and their ease of use, Alun Griffiths opted to use the BS 7533 compliant flowable grout Flowpoint.

The material needed for this project was purchased from Ultrascape stockist, Burdens and the paving stones were supplied by BBS Granite Concepts.

Ultrascape Flowpoint is rapid setting, fast and efficient to apply, and offers the ability to grout significant areas of paving quickly and cleanly.  Perfect for wide or narrow joints, Flowpoint can accommodate joint widths of 3-50mm and depths of up to 200mm in a single pass.  Paving grouted with Flowpoint can be opened to pedestrian traffic after just 1 hour.

In addition, Flowpoint is proven to be BS 7533 compliant under UKAS testing methods.  This British Standard promotes professional results that can give a minimum construction life of 40 years.

The product is available in three alternatives: regular, ECO and smooth. Overall all three offer the same great features; however you can choose to benefit from recycled material content or a smooth surface finish.

All three are sold individually as fully pre-mixed dry-packs, which only require the addition of water on-site. Once the desired consistency has been achieved, the product is poured over the paving, filling joints with ease, and then the surplus is simply washed off. The nature of this method causes many to worry about staining; however this flowable grout leaves a perfect stain free finish.

Ultrascape Flowpoint is available in a choice of two standard colours, ‘Natural Grey’, which was selected for Swansea Castle, and ‘Charcoal’.  Bespoke colours are also available including black, which has been used on a project in Scotland and orange, created for a garden design complimenting the homeowner’s choice of sandstone slabs. 

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