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Heskins Combat Low Surface Energy

26 June 2014

Many businesses struggling with slip prevention on low energy surfaces. Heskins have produced an effective, yet simple solution....

Heskins are constantly investing time in to adhesive technology research, to ensure products can perform their designated tasks efficiently.

Successfully applying anti slip tape to low energy surfaces ( LSE ) to a consistently efficient level is one that has proven to be a challenge and it was a challenge Heskins were happy to take on.

A low surface energy on a surface prevents a liquid from ‘wetting out’ sufficiently, thus preventing an efficient bond between adhesive and surface. To understand this, an example could be when washing your car, water runs off as expected once clean, however, wax your car and then notice the change, the water will rest on the surface as it cannot ‘wet out’ and gain purchase.

With self-adhesive being liquid based, they need this process so they can bond with a surface efficiently. The difficulty with making it consistent is due to the fact there are various low energy surfaces, the most common being polypropylene (mostly tiles) and polyethylene (sheets or large tiles), which can prevent the migration of moisture from a surface, which more often than not is concrete.

The LSE is perfect for this purpose, but can cause slip hazards also, and being able to apply anti slip material to this surface is important for that reason. After much research & development, we have developed a keying agent, which can effectively change a surfaces energy levels, allowing for the efficient adhesive bond that is required for long-lasting performance. Only a small amount is required to sufficiently increase the surfaces energy levels.

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