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26 June 2014

CACI International are leaders in non-surgical solutions; creators of the world-renowned ‘Non-Surgical Face Lift’ and technology innovators, they are the go-to for the latest salon systems for effective results in anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.

With the on-going demand for NEW treatments and NEW technology by salons and also consumers, CACI has raised the bar to deliver exciting new solutions to meet both their needs.  New treatment options including the CACI Jowl Lift for sagging jowls and the CACI Wrinkle Revolution for lines and wrinkles can be offered simply through acquiring new attachments for use with CACI’s existing systems.  These targeted treatments provide quick and effective results for consumers allowing them to experience the benefits of CACI’s alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, CACI have launched their first at-home anti-ageing gadget the CACI Microlift to open up new retail opportunities for all salons and retail outlets. Consumers will be able to continue their CACI experience in their own home.  Well respected beauty journalists are already seeing the results of the new gadget –

“I saw a difference within one session of using the CACI Microlift and continued to see improvements over the following few weeks. I am absolutely thrilled with the product as it really has left my skin looking more youthful and lifted”

Alice Smellie, Mail on Sunday journalist

“The CACI facial is AMAZING.  So many people said how well I looked this weekend, could be addicted”
Katy Young, Daily Telegraph

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