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Evacuation Chair Maintenance & Servicing by Evacusafe

30 June 2014

It’s imperative that all evacuation equipment is checked for faults to ensure it’s in optimal working condition.

Ideally this should be done at least once per year.  In fact it’s a legal requirement for all businesses to do so under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) which states that businesses have a responsibility to maintain any equipment that is used by its employees within the workplace.  However some businesses do not have the time or resources to carry out this important role. Once it has been purchased, stowed away, or attached to the wall, the only time it may be thought of would be in an actual emergency situation, which, thankfully, does not occur on a regular basis. Other reasons could include if a mobility-impaired person cannot make it to the lower levels of a building due to a power or equipment failure.

If you’re a business owner you’re legally responsible to ensure that your emergency evacuation equipment is in good working order.  Every Evacusafe tracked evacuation chair is shipped with a Visual Inspection Checklist, which lists the chair’s features that require regular checking.

In combination with the Visual Inspection Checklist, Evacusafe’s service engineers can carry out a full and comprehensive service of your evacuation equipment to ensure it is maintained in the best operational condition.

With each EvacuService you get:

•    Evacusafe qualified service engineers
•    Comprehensive service inspection
•    Replacement of defective parts (under standard warranty terms)
•    Genuine Evacusafe parts
•    Detailed Contract Service Report for your records
•    Peace of mind that your equipment is in optimum working condition

Paul Mitchell, Director of Evacusafe, says, “It’s very easy to forget about equipment that is not regularly used, but it is extremely important to carry out regular inspections of such equipment to ensure that it will work perfectly when required.  Evacusafe’s service engineers regularly visit some of the larger companies that we work with and carry out inspections in bulk.  If any parts need replacing we will only use genuine Evacusafe manufactured parts as this further ensures the quality of the equipment”.

Evacusafe have announced they will be demonstrating their range of stairway evacuation products at this month’s Safety & Health Expo in London.  The show is expected to be the biggest safety show the UK has seen for 10 years and is due to take place from 17th to 19th June 2014 at London’s Excel Exhibition & Conference Centre.  The Evacusafe team will be on hand to demonstrate their range of Evacuation Chairs and Evacuslider Rescue-sheets, to give information about the servicing the offer, to discuss product specific training courses and to provide a wealth of knowledge in relation to any Health & Safety issues you may have.

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