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AMETEK Land introduces NEW Cyclops L - portable non-contact thermometers

03 July 2014

AMETEK Land, a leader in non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental emissions monitoring, has launched the latest update to its Cyclops™ family of portable, high-precision, non-contact thermometers – the Cyclops L.

With its internal data logging capabilities, configurable route modes and dedicated software, the Cyclops L further establishes AMETEK Land as the industry leader in high-quality, portable non-contact temperature measurement.

Four New Models

There are four new models in the new Cyclops L family, measuring across the range 200°C/392°F to 3000°C/5432 °F. They are aimed at a wide range of applications including liquid metal, steel and glass production, furnaces, plus many others.

Route Manager Function

The Cyclops L family features the new Route Manager function, which enables users to configure a path/route around a plant by identifying the location with description, an emissivity value, a window correction factor (if applicable), and a unique identifier (a description). This Route Management mode allows for complete repeatability of readings, making the thermometer the ideal tool for multiple locations requiring regular and reliable monitoring.

High Capacity Internal Data Logging

The Cyclops L thermometer stores up to 9,999 temperature measurements, which can be downloaded to optional logger software for further analysis and comparison.

New Dedicated Data Logging Software - on a mobile device

The Land Cyclops Logger Software allows users to connect a Land Cyclops portable thermometer to a personal computer or mobile device to view, analyze and record live temperature readings. Connections between the Cyclops L model thermometers and a mobile device /computer can be either wireless (via Bluetooth®) or via a USB cable.

Models Available for a wide range of applications

These reliable, high-accuracy battery-powered thermometers have application in a wide range of industries, including metal foundries, steel making, glass refractories, petrochemical processing, and laboratory/research & development. They have precise, narrow field of view continuously focusable optics with through-the-lens sighting for accurate sample point selection. Long-term, drift-free measurement assures confidence in the readings.

Outstanding Damage Protection

The new Cyclops thermometers benefit from a new industrial rubber casing cover, for increased protection from accidental damage. Plus a new lens hood that adds further protection.

Full UKAS Calibration Available

Cyclops L thermometers can be certified by US and UK ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to recognized international standards, in both the UK and USA.

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