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Sterilise short and tall items side-by-side

04 July 2014

For laboratories with limited floor space but seeking a versatile, highly reliable mid-capacity steam steriliser the answer comes in the shape of the compact QCS top loading autoclave range built by an organisation with a global reputation for delivering product quality and reliability. Designed by Priorclave and built in its own British based manufacturing centre the QCS top-loading autoclave range is available in two chamber sizes of 100 and 150 litre capacity.

Models QCS EV100 and QCS EV150 are floor-standing electrically heated autoclaves with steam sterilising chambers able to sterilise small and tall objects side-by-side in a single process.  They are supplied complete with a stainless steel load support plate and with two (100L) or three (150L) stainless steel mesh baskets. Stainless steel waste containers are also available to suit these models.

The QCS top loading autoclaves will appeal to laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare as well as dedicated research establishments for sterilising applications such as media preparation, liquids and diluent, waste, glassware instruments and pieces of apparatus that need superior cleansing.

The advanced Tactrol®2 microprocessor guides the user through simple step-by-step set up of sterilising parameters as well as keeping a log of temperature, pressure, time and cycle data.  The data is held in an archive file which can be subsequently downloaded onto a USB flash drive for transfer to computer for transmission to Priorclave’s Service Centre for technical assistance if required, helping fine-tuning the autoclave to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

The QCS top loading autoclaves are designed to improve a laboratories sterilising efficiency, features such as delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready to pour media at the start of the day, forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times and automatic timed free-steaming as standard for improved air removal.
As with the majority of Priorclaves these top loading autoclaves are equipped with one of the easiest and safest, single handed door opening systems, a design developed by the company many years ago and still as practical today.

Priorclave is also able to supply this range of top-loading autoclave in a vacuum option which is ideal for laboratories handling more demanding waste products.

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