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New Surface Defect Repair System from Ultracrete

14 July 2014

Instafill ECO heat applied surface defect repair system, is the latest addition to Ultracrete’s range of innovative highways repair and refurbishment materials.

This unique system is specially designed for repairing defects in footways and carriageways that are confined to the surface layer/s of the substrate. If used during the defect’s infancy, it will prevent it  developing into a pothole, and also reduce expensive maintenance costs associated with its repair.

Instafill ECO is supplied in a 17kg re-sealable tub containing thermoplastic pellets and anti-skid aggregate and is suitable for use on defects in non-porous bituminous surfaces.

The thermoplastic infill pellets are applied to the defect and melted into its contours with a propane gas burner before being dressed with the anti-skid aggregate.  Upon cooling, the material hardens within 5-10 minutes, ensuring traffic management is kept to a minimum.

Instafill ECO fills and seals the defect, preventing water ingress and the freeze/thaw effect which leads to pothole formation and once installed it has a skid resistance (SRV) of 60.  It minimises the risks associated with road degradation such as health and safety and the expense of ongoing repair work. 

Quick and easy to apply, Instafill ECO provides excellent value for money and helps to prolong the life of your asset!

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