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Reasons Why You Need Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

16 July 2014

Heskins created non abrasive material 15 years ago, thus beginning the evolutionary journey of the range of non-abrasive anti slip tape that is available today.

At the time, Heskins wanted a unique material that would have sufficient depth to look and feel like abrasive products, but with different features to make it suitable for areas that regular abrasive anti slip tape is not.

These features are:
• Easy to clean – abrasive anti slip tape prevents easy cleaning as it will abrasive mops and brushes, which means the surface will look dirty very easily.
• Minerals create hidden pits – an abrasive anti slip surface is random by nature in it’s manufacturing process, as the minerals fall on to the surface randomly, creating pits and troughs which are not always readily exposed. These areas are filled with bacteria and other contaminants, posing a risk to environments with strict hygiene standards. Examples include hospitals, laboratories, catering companies, just to name a few
• Whilst many measures are put in place to prevent abrasive anti slip tape from shedding minerals, it is still possible. Methods such as double resin coating and a two stage baking process makes the top surface very strong, it does not make it impervious to shedding minerals. Due to non abrasive anti slip being a solid construction, it may wear down over time, but it will never shed.
• Soft surface – non abrasive slip prevention is perfect for barefoot applications, as they are kind to skin.
• Will not abrade – every time an object is pressed against the surface of abrasive anti slip tape, it will abrade, even a very small amount. Mineral hardness is always measured on the Mohs scale. For our abrasive material, aluminium oxide is the most common material we used, with a rating of 9, making it much harder than topazes and quartz and only one grade less than diamonds. The minerals used for abrasive tapes can easily scratch any object that is pressed against it.

Over the years, Heskins has created a range of non abrasive products that are as varied as the abrasive anti slip tapes, with different thicknesses and finishes aiding different applications. All generally made with a solid homogenous piece of plastic with a thick adhesive coating, sometimes manipulated to give them a more rubber-feel finish. Others are left more like their ‘natural’ form to create sharp angles that essentially mimic an abrasive surface, but with all the benefits of non-abrasive anti slip tape. Heskins can provide data sheets for individual products, with samples available also.

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