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Try Before You Buy

25 July 2014

Hi there ! If you're considering a new piece of measurement or monitoring equipment, you may be interest in taking advantage of our "Try Before You Buy" scheme!

Rent any piece of equipment from our rental website, and if you decide to buy it within six months, we'll deduct 1 week of the full rental price from the cost price of the instrument.

Is there a more reassuring way to trial a new purchase before committing to a full cost purchase?

So for a fraction of the sale price, you can have a full access to the instrument in your own environment, at your own pace – allowing you to assess the effectiveness and suitability of the instrument for your own requirements.

And if it's the right piece of equipment for you (our experts are available to consult with pre-hire), you'll be reimbursed the full cost.
Have a look at our extensive range of instruments today.

P.S. And we'll send you a shiny new model with your purchase, who doesn't like new toys!

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