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Megger’s PowerDB Turns Results into Revenue

13 October 2008

Timesaving automated testing, with minimal risk of errors, and fast easy generation of even the most complex reports are among the key benefits offered by the latest versions of PowerDB, Megger’s new acceptance and maintenance test data management software

For in-house users, the benefits of the PowerDB means lower costs, while for contractors they provide opportunities for extra turnover and profit.

Compatible with a wide range of Megger power test instruments and also selected products from other suppliers, PowerDB makes it easy to generate reports in a consistent format for tests of many different types. This versatile software is currently offered in three versions: full PowerDB, PowerDB Lite, and the revolutionary PowerDB On Board, which is completely integrated with the instrument.

The full PowerDB package runs under Microsoft Windows on a PC and provides facilities for automating tests, generating reports using more than 200 built-in industry standard report forms, and producing fully customised reports to suit the user’s own specific requirements. Along with the test results, PowerDB also stores detailed information about each location and job in a fully searchable database.

Data stored by PowerDB can be readily analysed to reveal trends – a major aid to effective condition monitoring and effective preventative maintenance. Results can also be synchronised with a master database, and exported in the widely supported XML format.

PowerDB Lite, which is supplied at no extra charge with many Megger instruments, also runs under Windows on a PC. It offers all of the major features of the full PowerDB package, except customised forms and the trending of historical data acquired from external sources.

The integrated version of PowerDB – the patent-pending PowerDB OnBoard package – is completely built into the instrument, and requires no external PC. It shares all of the same facilities as PowerDB Lite, and provides users with the convenience of setting up and performing tests on site via an on-screen test form view.

As with all versions of PowerDB, when the testing is complete, the user can print an exact replica of the on-screen report with the aid of a suitable printer. PowerDB OnBoard also allows users to instantly, upon completion of testing, view historical trend charts to see how the most recent data compares with earlier results.

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