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X-Ray Protective Clothing

28 July 2014

Wardray Premise Ltd has made x-ray protective clothing in the UK for more than 40 years. Aprons epitomize everything customers expect from Wardray in terms of product quality and longevity.

Wardray’s protective clothing range includes traditional aprons and top & kilts. Garments are offered in a range of lead equivalents, come in a wide range of sizes and lengths to ensure a comfortable fit.

An optional labeling service, allows departments or individuals to ensure that their inventory of aprons is properly identified and accounted for. A Wardray apron can last in excess of five years and they offer a range of storage solutions to ensure that items are hung properly and staff can easily access the protection they need.

Customers may be seduced by the marketing of lead free aprons, but Wardray believe that the surcharge for the material and the minimal weight saving don’t offer good value for money.

Wardray challenge customers to try wearing one of their garments before selecting an alternative product. Their design allows the weight of the apron to be carried and supported at the waist.

In addition, Wardray offer thyroid collars and protective eyewear to ensure a safe working environment for staff.

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