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Launch of new Academy for Laser Gynaecology techniques

01 August 2014

The British Academy of Laser Gynaecology (BALG) has been created to promote the research in, and the widespread use of, new minimally-invasive laser techniques in the field of gynaecology.

These new laser techniques, developed by Fotona Lasers, offer rapid, pain-free, treatment for a variety of women’s health issues; including Stress Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Laxity and Vaginal Atrophy.
This Academy will provide educational and training support to Practitioners providing the service, as well as information on the treatments together with a clinic search facility for prospective patients.

Kevin Rendell, Director of Beehive Solutions Ltd, who have introduced the techniques to the UK on behalf of Fotona Lasers, has heralded the new Academy and web resources as a “unique patient information centre and key information facility for laser professionals looking to offer the best treatment”.

“For too long, because the old treatments were aggressive and painful, women have suffered in silence with these debilitating and often embarrassing conditions. Now there is a treatment option that gives long term, pain free, relief”.

Membership of the B.A.L.G. is free to Practitioners using the new Fotona Gynaecology laser systems, which incorporate a new SMOOTH mode, which ensures the laser does not burn or scar the vaginal tissue.

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