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Black Diamond Nickel Free Blacking Solution

05 August 2014

Black Diamond NF is a nickel free room temperature blacking solution

A change to CLP (classification, labelling & packaging) legislation on chemical products containing soluble nickel compounds means as from June 2015 blacking solutions with more than 0.01% nickel will have to be labelled Carcinogen. Cat. 1;Toxic for the reproduction. Cat. 2; Mutagenic. Cat. 3; Toxic by inhalation (prolonged exposure);May cause sensitisation by inhalation and skin contact;Very toxic for the aquatic organisms; Walsall Chemical offer a nickel free room temperature blacking solution which has been used in Norway, Sweden and Denmark for nearly 10 years. Also recently our German customers have switched to our Black Diamond NF nickel free product. Black Diamond NF is a tried and tested replacement to nickel based products and is used at the same concentration as conventional nickel based blacking solutions and offers similar coverage rates and process times.

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