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Discounted Hotmelt Glue Guns & Glitter Glue

07 August 2014

Are you looking for something to entertain the kids with this summer? Or maybe you want to introduce hotmelt into your packaging process? Now is the perfect time to experiment as Techsil have a clearance range of hot melt glue guns and glue on sale at bargain prices.

The TEC 175-12 is a lightweight, professional glue gun that has been specially designed for light industrial use and offers unrivaled reliability, ease of use and exceptional adhesive melt rate for an applicator of the size. Available on sale for just £14.00. The GasTec 300 is a lightweight cordless gun which runs on butane gas lighter fuel. The average running time is 1 hour, and refils in a matter of seconds. The GasTec 300 heats up for use in 5 minutes and dispenses 1.2kg adhesive per hour. Recommended for hobby, craft and lightweight use with card, wood, paper, fabrics, most plastics, cermaic and many more materials. This is the ideal tool for rapid and easy packaging assembly along with any bonding, sealing and reinforcing jobs. Available on sale for just £38.00. Along with the sale guns, there is a large range of coloured and glitter 12mm glue sticks available for those of you interested in craft and hobby - or just add a dot of colour to you work! Tecbond glitter hotmelt is made from 232, an economy grade hotmelt with a high viscosity. This glitter hotmelt is a general purpose adhesive and suitable for use with glass, fabrics, wood, card and some plastics. These sticks are 12mm and must be used with a 12mm gun. Tecbond 232 comes in a variety of colours making it a perfect choice for hobby and craft use.

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