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Harlequin’s new stage floor construction guide prompts interest with architects

13 August 2014

The ‘Stage floor construction and technical solutions’ guide recently published by Harlequin Floors, is being well received by theatre planners, technical directors and architects.

Harlequin has been providing custom-built stage floors around the world for nearly four decades and used this experience in producing a guide which outlines the scope of the subject and illustrates some of the issues involved using recent installations as examples.

Whether it is designing and installing a stage in a new theatre or refurbishing old stages, Harlequin has the expertise to deliver an effective solution. Stages for theatres, opera houses, performing arts centres, cruise ships and education establishments are all covered. Stage floors have been designed to accommodate stage engineering requirements from revolves to traps, to comply with acoustic criteria, be aesthetically sympathetic to architectural needs and through the use of printed vinyl, integral to the set design.

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