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Cleaning chemicals: BLUe is the new Green

22 August 2014

Winterhalter launches high-performance, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals range

BLUe is the name of Winterhalter’s new range of environment-friendly cleaning chemicals, which are formulated to deliver results that match or better traditional chemicals.  What’s more, they cost virtually the same as non-eco versions.

In the past ‘eco’ chemicals have had a reputation for being second-class in terms of performance.  Winterhalter has developed the BLUe range to really pack a punch in terms of outstanding results.  At the same time, each is formulated to minimise impact on the environment, using raw materials from renewable sources that are fully biodegradable.

BLUe products also set a new standard in the use of use recycled and recyclable packaging. For example, where traditional trigger spray flasks would include metal, non-recyclable compounds, Winterhalter has developed special plastic elements to ensure the bottle is fully recyclable.

The BLUe range includes catering products, such as detergent, degreaser and sanitiser, as well as housekeeping chemicals like toilet cleaner and glass cleaner.
“The environmental impact of any kitchen product should be a key part of every buying decision, whether it’s a cooker, a warewasher or a cleaning agent,” says Peter Alsworth, Winterhalter’s chemical sales director.  “Our BLUe range makes it easier for catering businesses to switch to an eco-alternative, because the chemicals give brilliant results and are economically priced.” 

Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance.  Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents.  For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

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