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Hazard warning labels fit for purpose

10 October 2014

All hazardous good or dangerous substances need to be marked to ensure to ensure safety in the workplace, and protection of the environment. Label Source has numerous, suitable health and safety signs and labels, complying with the latest legislation, international regulations and best practice.

Whether you handle, process, store or transport hazardous materials in solid, liquid or gaseous form, it is crucial that the contents are clearly identified, to protect workers, the emergency services and the general public.

Spills, accidents or incidents can cause injuries, ranging from minor to death, from explosions, fire and chemical burns from dangerous goods. These substances have been categorised by the United Nations, and are shown in a range of legislation including COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health), GHS (Global harmonised system of classification) and CLP (Classifying, labelling and packaging regulations).

Therefore, our ranges of labels and signs are suitable for marking chemicals stored in bulk containers, pressure receptacles, tanks, drums, canisters and dispensing equipment, as well as production, storage and handling areas. Workers can be made aware of the dangers from the hazardous goods and dangerous substances, such as toxic, corrosive, explosive, oxidising, flammable, irritants and hazards to human health and the environment.

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