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Quality Assurance labels for manufacturing use

10 October 2014

If you are a manufacture of a range of different products – whether its paper cups or supercomputers – then quality assurance should be a vital part of your production process. Quality assurance (also known as quality control) can take many different forms, from a simple visual check to in-depth testing and calibration, but no matter how you go about it, good organisation is essential.

You probably already have some sort of quality control protocol in place, but is it as effective and as well-organised as it could be? Here at Label Source, we sell a diverse range of quality assurance labels that will help you to carry out your quality checks more efficiently.

Our collection ranges from simple ‘Passed’ and ‘Failed’ stickers to more precise designs, such as ‘Quarantine’, ‘Rework’, and ‘Bonded Goods’. All QA labels include space for a signature and additional remarks, and bespoke designs can be provided on request (contact us for further details)

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