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10 October 2014

Do you want to print industrial-grade labels using your laser printer? No problem Label Source can help- as with all label-related matters, we are here to meet your requirements!

We have a vast range of laser labels to choose from, and naturally, all of these products are of the very highest quality. Choose from the following sub-categories:

  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels (White)
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels (Yellow)
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels (Clear)
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels (Silver)
  • Tamper-Evident Laser Labels

The differences between these varieties are self-explanatory; simply select the colour (or lack thereof) that you need for the labels you're planning to print. For example, the yellow labels are great for hazard signs and warning notices, while the clear labels may come in handy if you need to see what's underneath each sticker without removing it.
The tamper-evident labels (available in silver only) leave behind a pattern when removed, so you can immediately spot when they have been taken away or tampered with.

All of the products mentioned above are water-, weather-, heat- and chemical-resistant, making them suitable for almost any application (indoors or out). Note that we also sell laser-printable cable marking labels and non-adhesive A4 sheets; whatever you're trying to create with your laser printer, Label Source are here to help!

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