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Safe and secure handling of hazardous waste

10 October 2014

Waste segregation signs can be used to recognise and segregate items within your waste stream management programme. There are many different signs to help identify diverse forms of waste. These signs can inform your staff of the precise handling, collection and disposal of various waste types.

Hazardous toxic signs must be shown to collect and re-processing of waste, which is hazardous to humans and animals, and a risk to the environment. This waste is usually chemical by-products, in liquid, solid or sludge form, which can contain a range of harmful components including heavy metals, halogens, dioxins, asbestos, PCB's, pesticides, or cleaning fluids. If released they can cause death, illness or pollution to land, air or water. 
Radioactive waste must be displayed to detect waste materials contaminated with low level radiation, such as clothing, filters, plastics, tools, glass or metals, which has been exposed to low level radioactive materials. 
Here at Label Source we supply a range of signs in medium and large, categorising various different waste, including; domestic waste, non-hazardous general waste, hazardous waste, waste, radioactive, clinical waste, food waste, confidential waste, landfill, recyclable, Solids contaminated solids and liquids. This clear identification of waste by grouping can enable safe handling, and correct disposal. Part of our environmental sign range.

If you need these signs made up for your own special requirements, Label Source are can help!

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