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Dangers in and around high voltage electricity

10 October 2014

It is common knowledge that electricity can be unsafe, but the hazards are increased when the electrical supply is high voltage. Direct interaction with, or being in close proximity of, high voltage infrastructure can pose possible health issues.

Accidents connecting with high voltage electricity can range from death through electrocution, to electric shock injuries from electrical arcs, internal flash burns, flame burns from ignition of clothing, or injuries from losing body control and falling off equipment.

The vast majority of accidents occur when installing, repairing, operating, inspecting or maintaining power generating plants, power transmission equipment (both overhead power lines or underground cables), at substations, on electrified rail networks, or at gas and oil facilities.
However, the minority of accidents can be related to contact with overhead lines by ladders, cranes, antenna and telescopic overhead plant during construction or maintenance, tree trimming or clearance, and even entangled lines from anglers. Other problematic areas are excavations, tunnelling, and mining, when underground electrical cables are damaged or sheared.
Label Source has a variety of products to clearly state hazards from high voltage electrical supply. These consist of signs to classify electrical equipment such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, pylons and towers warning of high voltage and danger of death; signs for the mandatory use of protective equipment and safety wear such as hard hats, gloves and rubber soled boot; labels for operating instructions on equipment for termination, cable jointing, pressure testing and fault location; calibration labelling on test instrumentation; and signs and underground warning tapes for buried power cables.

Together, using our products we can offer assistance and information to make working with, and near, high voltage generating and distribution equipment a much safer environment.

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