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10 October 2014

Kaiser + Kraft sponsored Global Action Plan to train three students in 'Sustainabilty' in an effort to raise awareness within the UK manufacturing sector of our joint responsibility to the sustainability and the environment. This is an update from Global Action Plan.

Kaiser and Kraft's contribution has supported Global Action Plan to inspire and upskill 3 additional young people in sustainability training programmes. Our youth program has given 55 unemployed young people access to interviews for environmental career opportunities, with 22 successfully gaining employment.
"It was a great opportunity to receive training and work alongside motivated, like-minded people," - Kendal, GAP Catalyst project.

"This course has given me a qualification that no doubt will help me find work. Also my public speaking before the course was awful but I feel that since doing this, my public speaking ability has risen a lot," - Jacob, Transform project.

On behalf of GAP and our students I would like to extend my heart felt thanks.
A Henman. Managing Director - Kaiser + Kraft UK.

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