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20 October 2014

You cannot get away from it. You hear about it all the time, yet are you and your business doing anything about it?

Operating ethically and taking your business environmental impact into account cannot just help the environment; it can also help with your business. Customers take into account environmental friendly candidates when determining who to do business with. So why don’t you help the Environment, while helping your business gain custom.

5 Tips on how your business can become ‘green’ with the help of Label Source

  1. Cut back on the use of energy and resources. Ensure all lights and office equipment are turned off, when leaving the office. Our signs can highlight the message in the workplace, informing and prompting people to follow good practise guidelines. 
  2. Recycle plastic bottles, paper, cans etc. Make sure your bins are allocated to each recycling material and waste segregation. 
  3. Reusing wrapping for products. 
  4. Use economical fuel type. Avoiding unnecessary journeys. 
  5. Inform your colleagues and encourage everyone to recycle, and work as a team to make your business environmentally friendly. 

We provide a range of signs and labels notifying people of how to become part of a green environment. Our recycling signs inform people, step by step of how to become green to help classify locations for collection and storage of recycling products. We provide a range of waste segregation signs to help people understand recycling better. We provide a variety of Wrap selected recycling signs, appropriate for marking bins, containers, receptacles, pallets, bays and collection areas, to assist in meeting your waste targets including in your recycling programme. 

Become green with the help of Label Source! 

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