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Your 3 way step to Write and Seal Labels

05 November 2014

Write and seal labels are perfect for important information to be protected. These write and seal labels have a two part construction, with a base material, which is print receptive, and a part attached clear protective laminating film. The laminate has a flap with a backing release paper. See below our three way guide to write and Seal Labels.

  1. Handwritten information can be added by ball point or marker pens. Important information such astest dates, serial numbers, service dates, and any other valuable information are written and sealed. 
  2. The flap backing paper is removed.
  3.  The clear film seals the total label surface. Your important information is then sealed and protected.
Label Source provides a wide range of Write and Seal Labels for all different applications including PATand electrical testing, inspection, identification, equipment numbering, maintenance, servicing,pressure testing, product tests, quality assurance, calibration and safety checks. These labels can be used in a range of markets including electrical inspection; hospitals and medical use; research and development laboratories; defence; marine; aerospace; pharmaceutical; chemical; automotive; and engineering.
The self-adhesive labels or stickers are abrasion or scratch resistant, chemical resistant (including oils and solvents), waterproof and weatherproof. These labels are rub test compliant. The base material is laminated, creating a subsurface printed label in compliance with the run test requirements of BS2110-1959

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