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Alligator Ramp

04 December 2014

Alligator Ramp™ TDSR-5 Traffic Direction Controllers are only made by Entry Parking Posts of Solihull who pioneered the concept of a traffic calming ramp combined with an integral steel traffic flow one way teeth controller.

The original Alligator Ramp™ is a surface fixed 8mph all steel ramp which can be bolted on to asphalt, concrete or block pavers. They are suitable for all car park sites, Schools, Country parks and Colleges and have a twenty four month warranty with a ten year design construction.

Recent examples of installations include:

Gatwick Airport
Farnborough Sixth Form College
RSPB Tamworth
City College Plymouth
National Trust
Shepton Mallet car park for Mendip District Council

This highly successful traffic direction controller and speed restrictor out lasts all competitor design types.

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