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Point and Click with PULSE 13

06 November 2008

Bruel & Kjaer launch PULSE 13.

Sound and vibration testing is set to become a one button task with the launch of Bruel & Kjaer’s latest addition to its PULSE data analysis platform family - PULSE 13. Continuing Bruel & Kjaer’s trend for utilising customer input to structure products and software design, PULSE 13’s application packages have been created using feedback from engineers who deal with high productivity demands on a daily basis. As a result, PULSE 13 has a simpler version of user-friendly start-up tool: StartSmart. Designed to make set up and configuration much easier for the user, SmartStart II allows PULSE configuration and project setup to be performed in one view - and requires just one click of a button to make a measurement. Released for sale later this month, PULSE 13 is fully compatible with Bruel & Kjaer’s innovative LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware. Built to conduct noise and vibration tests inside demanding environments, such as aircraft and vehicle cabins, LAN-XI is a modular system with an incredibly tough magnesium casing, which enables it to endure rough handling and still operate perfectly. As the type of test for which data analysers are typically used can vary greatly (depending on the interior being measured) the one piece of hardware has been created to perform any type of test - from simple two channels, such as resonance tests of wind turbine blades, to multi channel (up to 1,000) tests with several large rack systems used for advanced noise source identification. It also makes the testing of larger vehicles, such as aircrafts, ships and trains, much simpler. Any number of the individual modules can be placed around interior cabins, allowing analysis to be carried out in one go, unlike older systems which require multiple tests to be carried out with a single unit that’s continuously shifted to different areas. LAN-XI can also be used for analysing buildings and other large structures, such as bridges or wind turbines. Bruel & Kjaer UK is running a free Sound & Vibration Workshop on 12th November 2008, aimed at anyone involved with automotive, mechanical or general industrial engineering industries. This practical, demo-orientated workshop is made up of three sessions: Advanced Acoustics, In-vehicle Automotive SQ with NVH Simulator and Analysis Techniques with PULSE.

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