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New Latch Clamps from Elesa with safety locks

12 December 2014

Elesa MTL and MTB series latch clamps provide quick action adjustable clamping and release with an integral 2 stage button mechanism to prevent accidental opening by “knocking off” of the lever. This safety feature is positioned so that single hand operation is maintained.

MTL series are heavy duty units (up to 15000N holding force) in black oxide finished steel to facilitate welding in situ - MTB series are in black oxide steel or stainless steel offering forces up to 7500N. Both types are particularly suitable for equipment and applications subject to strong vibration stresses, where it is necessary to ensure secure clamping, including the prevention of accidental opening. Engaging and disengaging of the safety button and the clamp can be done together with a single handed action, leaving the other hand free to manipulate the workpiece. The length of the hook element in each case may be simply adjusted to suit the size of the clamped component or the clamping force desired.

The MTB-SST in AISI 304 stainless steel is particularly suitable for use in those situations subject to specific hygiene regulations, such as food processing, or the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The complimentary MTR series are particularly appropriate for applications such as use on static or rotational moulds for plastic products, where fast clamp/release is important without the requirement for a safety lock.

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