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KAISER+KRAFT cut prices in 2015 catalogue

08 January 2015

Workplace equipment supply specialist KAISER+KRAFT are going one better than just freezing prices for 2015 by reducing prices on over 20,000 products in the latest catalogue.

Kaiser+Kraft are a leading supplier of equipment for the workplace. 

From barriers to scaffolding and office equipment to workshop equipment, KAISER+KRAFT have a solution for almost any application in any industry sector. 

Over the past year, as part of their ongoing customer research, KAISER+KRAFT found that the majority of feedback received, pointed to customers wanting a freeze on prices. 

So with their 2015 catalogue due to be released, the workplace equipment specialist decide d to go one better and has actually reduced the prices on over 20,000 products by up to 62%. 

If you've already registered to receive a catalogue, one will be on it's way to you. If you haven't registered, don't worry, it's not to late and there are plenty to go round. To receive your free copy, it's as easy as visiting the KAISER+KRAFT website and click on the "Order the Catalogue" link at the top right of the homepage. 

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