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Salon Owners Learn that “Customer Service is Dead” at the First Ever Salon Owner’s Summit in Dublin

12 February 2015

Phorest, the leading Salon Software provider in the UK & Ireland, held the first ever Salon Owners Summit, a conference for the hair and beauty industry, on Monday 12th January 2015 in Dublin’s Marker Hotel. The event brought together 180 of Europe’s top salon owners, entrepreneurs and industry veterans to showcase how the world’s best salons will embrace marketing in 2015.

The day started with a talk entitled ‘Is Your Marketing Working’ by Alan Austin Smith from the Fantastic Hairdresser where he told Salon Owners “Customer service is dead,” he added “it is all about DES now - Delight, Excite & Surprise your customers!”

After lunch Sue Maguire, Phorest’s Sales Director, hosted an Industry Leaders Forum made up of hair & beauty heavyweights Dylan Bradshaw, Ellen Kavanagh, Nigel Kenny, Celia Rose and Lilac Miller. Entrepreneur and author Niall Harbison gave a talk on how to use social media the smart and effective way and the day ended with a Phorest’s CEO Ronan Perceval talking about creating habits and how to get clients coming back to salons more often and spending more.

Alan Austin Smith said “What I love about this event is that for Phorest it is not about selling products. It's about giving Salon Owners the information and knowledge that they want and need to run their salon like the world’s best for the year.”

“Phorest’s Salon Owner's Summit 2015 is Europe's most prestigious milestone on the journey to success for salon owners who share one common purpose - to lead and evolve an industry that makes everyone feel and look like the superstars they were born to be.” said Ronan Perceval, CEO of Phorest.

He also added: “Being a great therapist or stylist is a prerequisite to running a salon. But being able to market yourself and your salon is the key to growing your client-base and creating a world-renowned wow experience. This conference showcases the very best ways do just that.”

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