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Cyberconnecting: The Three Lenses of Diversity

03 March 2015

The ability of organisations to cyberconnect is becoming increasingly important for superior performance. This book explains how to establish connections across technological, cultural and social boundaries.

Some companies create and innovate technology; others use and adopt it; but in the cyber age, both must closely interconnect tech with human behaviour. Face-to-face and cyber-interactions are at the heart of effective work-based relationships, which in turn increase organisational performance.

To build these effective business relations, organisations must foster the discovery muscle - curiosity combined with skills - in individuals. Priya E. Abraham shows how seemingly opposing domains (technology, business anthropology and diversity) best leverage interactions for the benefit of organisation development, using findings from practitioner-focused research conducted when leading complex cross-boundary projects in the telecommunications and mobile learning industries.

Tools from business anthropology help uncover people’s diverse needs and expectations in a cyber-connected world. Identity portfolios need reflection in development solutions of face-to-face and mobile applications. Solutions uncovered by qualitative research methods help close the gap between human behaviour and tech to engage internal and external stakeholders.

The book presents a much-needed strategic framework required for cyberconnecting: 'The Three Lenses of Diversity’, designed to organise thinking in the navigation of technological, cultural, and social boundaries.

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